Project “Support to the Improvement of Statistical Information System” Albania

Title of the Project: Support to the Improvement of Statistical Information System

Financed by:  EU, IPA 2013 Programme

Implementation period:  06/06/2016-05/09/2018

Beneficiary: Institute of Statistics, INSTAT

Implementing Agency: Ascienta and IN2.


Project “Support to the Improvement of Statistical Information System” has as its main objective to contribute to better governance and accountability of Albanian socio-economic development policies with improved access to quality statistics aligned to the EU acquis on statistics.

The contracting authority is the Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU) at the Ministry of Finance of Albania.

In order to achieve the main objective, the project is composed of the following components:

Component 1 - Redesign and improve corporate statistical business processes and enhance institutional capacities in the production and usage of Agricultural and Labour Force statistics

Component 2 - Develop and test system for upgraded corporate ICT infrastructure with inclusion of establishment and pilot implementation of centralised Data Warehouse(s)

Component 3 - Strengthen communication function and statistical coordination role of INSTAT with focus on dissemination and quality management

The project will be implemented with technical assistance provided by long- and short-term experts in house through technical advice, development of systems and tools, assistance with implementation of core activities, as well as the conduct and facilitation of trainings, seminars and study visits. All the activities shall be implemented with a strong orientation to sustainable capacity building and transfer of know-how