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The Small and Medium Enterprises are directly involved in the transformation process imposed by the technological developments on the social-economic environment, the internet boom and e-commerce development. This transforms the classical enterprises in organizations for which the information system becomes the foundation of the organizational structure

The portal enables Small and Medium Enterprises to have direct access to various public services through a single gateway.


The Ministry for Information Society, together with Ascenta IT Services, implemented this project with the scope of ensuring secure access to large volumes of online information and public services for the Romanian Small and Medium Enterprises registered at that time, while also interconnecting the public institutions’ databases. The platform developed by Ascenta IT Services offers Small and Medium Enterprises, public administrations and citizens a platform containing databases, as well as connections between these which grant access, via internet, to some of the administrative services offered by the public administration.

The project interconnects databases from several public institutions and went live with over 30 applications, grouped in three categories based on interest areas: business to business (dedicated to specific activities), government to business (applications for local and central authorities delivering electronically public information and services for users) and government to government (reporting applications for government).

What we did

  • Analysis & Design
  • Software Development, Deployment & Testing
  • Software Integration with various administrative data sources (various technologies)
  • Project Management
  • Support
  • Business Process Management Consulting Services
The web portal can support 296.000 accounts and provides to local and central authorities the possibility of delivering certain public services in an organized manner, without having to request beneficiaries to go to their offices.

Functionalities developed

  • The portal offers users different versions of web interfaces, based on the user’s type.
  • The users have the option of customizing the content displayed.
  • It’s an open system based on existing standards, facilitating development of new applications.
  • The portal provides a central working point for users and a uniform interface towards other information systems.

Technology we used

  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • IBM Lotus Quickr
  • IBM DB2
  • IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
  • IBM InfoSphere Guardium
  • Quantum GIS
  • Jasper Reports

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