Population & Housing Census

The management of statistical data regarding the population status, housing, resources and workforce structure is a constant requirement for any country within the European Union. Taking into account all the changes occurred in recent years - such as population migration, mortality, birth rate, employment rate, etc. - the National Statistics Institute was in need of providing an updated overview of this statistical information and of documenting these changes.

Romanian Population & Housing Census represents the operation providing at regular time periods the official counting of the population living in a country’s territory and its smallest geographic territories, and also a selected amount of demographic and social characteristics of the population. It also provides information on the housing stock.


Ascenta IT Services developed for the National Statistics Institute, a national information
management system that contained a database with all the survey results, a database that also enables specific calculations in the demographic and workforce area.

This database was built based on the data gathered from each household that describes the living standards and housing conditions, employment and unemployment rate, as well as other aspects of the social life.

The system developed can be accessed by users from all local administrations in order to complete the national registries set in the GIS support system that delimitates the census divisions.

The solution allows the generation of geospatial analysis and statistical products with added value, for data generated by the census and other statistical data.

Functionalities developed

  • GIS Sectorization – software development services that enabled the integration of the geospatial road registers with ZIP codes and buildings and population registry. This geospatial information system has been developed through analysis, design, development, and data processing services, and it has been used to interpret the census results;
  • Media campaign – an advertising campaign was initiated to inform the Romanian population about the census and the long-term implications of the project and, at the same time, to determine them to take action and get involved by participating in the census and to provide accurate information;
  • Printing and graphic design services - census forms and training materials;
  • Logistics services - census forms distribution in 3.228 locations;
  • Training services - for 100.000 enumerators;
  • Project management services.

Technology we used

  • Intergraph Geomedia
  • Oracle Database

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