Loan Management Application for OTP Bank

The economic crisis has affected not only the financial market, real estate and workforce, but also the banking loan application process, by making the requirements and standards more rigorous. As a consequence, the process of granting loans has become more time-consuming, the application document’s analysis needing much more attention and follow-up. Therefore, OTP Bank, one of the biggest banks in Romania, has felt the need to put in place an electronic automatic loan approval process that covers the entire workflow of such an application process.

The Loan Management Application, developed by Ascenta IT Services for OTP Bank, increase customer satisfaction by reducing the turnaround time needed in banking loan application process.


The project’s scope was to create an application that easily tracks the status of each a request through its lifecycle, informing about the upcoming steps, the needed or expired documentation, overdue deadlines, etc.

The system is able to create a controlled and measured process, by centralizing the activities within the bank subsidiaries, increasing the process automation level and reducing the operational risks.

System functionalities

  • Process automation for electronically transmitting loan applications submitted in the bank’s branches to the Processing Centers;
  • e-Workflow for loan approvals;
  • Development of a central database containing the loan applications, enabling the generation of dynamic reports.


  • Increases productivity and the customer services’ level;
  • Reduces the turnaround time needed to process requests;
  • Decreases the processing costs for each audit request and reduces the corresponding operational risk;
  • Increases the efficiency when approving loans by centralizing the process.

What we did

  • Consulting Services
  • Analysis & Design
  • Software Development & Deployment
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Project Management

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