DERZIS-Solution for Farming

The main project’s objective is to improve the management in farms for optimizing the production process so that a significant increase in product quality can be obtained. Other objective is to automate the workflow of companies having as core business livestock farming or crop cultivation.


Derzis for farms is a software solution for managing livestock farms (farms of pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, fish farming, bee farms, etc.) or vegetable (wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflower, fruit trees, etc.)

Considering the fact that is a software solution which can trace production orders during each phase, Derzis can also be used as a production management program. This way it is known at what stage each customer’s order is, it can be intervened in time to correct mistakes, etc.

Derzis functionalities:

  • Defining an initial unit. The farmer is able to define the unit with specific parameters like: area, production capacity, type of crop or breed of livestock, standard data tables.
  • Farm access - log visits with information like: date of visit, type of visit, reason, who are visitors.
  • Recording of specific activities – the consumed materials code, amount, series and expiration date are recorded in the system.
  • Treatment and pests control – this part records treatment type, number of doses used, veterinarian doctor recommending the treatment, treatment start and end date, responsible, prescription number and details, and subscription at the Veterinarian Health Direction (if it is applicable), etc.
  • Periodic measurements – values of various parameters are introduced in the system: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, ammonia, ventilation, lighting schedule as well as the time of measurement.
  • Incidents – the program records accidents that occur, such as power outages, fires, diseases, plagues, etc.;
  • Maintenance works - it records maintenance works/repairs made for stables, buildings, fences including information like work date, type, internal/external, preventive or corrective;
  • Deliveries - it records deliveries to clients; here one can record information such as date, recipient, transport information, the quantity of sent products;
  • Stocks - with this feature one can view the status of related deposits to know the initial stock, deliveries, consumption, transfers, returns, adjustments, final stock;
  • Production costs - follow:
    • Production cycle costs in real time;
    • Tracking of the production cycles profitability, the reporting period is different from the accounting period.


  • Derzis gives you a real time response to the following questions:
  • “What is the cost of a kilogram of product?"                             "Is it more profitable to produce product A or product B?"
  • Production planning is improved, controlled and more effectively valued by the Derzis system. Better planning also means time reduction with the reprogramming of labeling machines or by tracking orders over the production processes and labeling them earlier for the end user, saving time and people in the delivery area;
  • Reports: the real-time system allows the generation of detailed reports for each item or for the whole unit;
  • Having recorded data about their clients, orders and suppliers, through Derzis one can obtain a detailed analysis of the efficiency and profitability of each customer, order or batch.

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