Data Collection Module for the Natural Gas Market

The economic operators that act in the Romanian natural gas market are required to send data to the Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE). The project’s main objective was to record the data reported by these economic operators.

The reporting, analysis, and interpretation of business data is of great importance to a company in guaranteeing its competitive edge, optimizing processes, and enabling it to react quickly and in line with the market.


The Data Collection Module developed by Ascenta IT Services, is a web application which, after it’s deployment becomes the main data collection channel for the Monitoring and Regulation Analytics Information System of the Romanian Natural Gas Market.

The implemented system ensures a quick monitoring of the natural gas market supply and demand, the estimated and generated natural gas volume, the main operators on the natural gas market, the granted licenses evidence and the predictions of demand and gas prices. The implemented solution ensures online reporting, data transfer and a quick use of SAP reports.

System functionalities

  • Flexible tools for analysis, reporting and interpretation of data;
  • Collecting and monitoring of an economic and physical database that includes operators who have operating license on the Romanian gas market;
  • Monitoring of supply and demand data received from market operators;
  • Percentage of own/imported gas;
  • Final price for consumers;
  • Monitoring of the natural gas market;
  • Comparing various operators in the same period, or the same operator in various periods of time.
  • Forecasting the internal demand for natural gas on short, medium and long term;
  • Forecasting the price of imported and own natural gas as well as natural gas price for consumers;
  • Performing what-if scenarios: how forecasts change.
Based on the analysis offered by the Data Collection Module, companies are able to take well-founded decision and to determine various activities.

What we did

  • Consulting Services
  • Analysis & Design
  • Software Development & Deployment
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Project Management

Technology we used

  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Oracle Database
  • SQL Server
  • SAP Server

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